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VRCOOLER Provides 18 Sets Air Handlers For The Museum

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VRCOOLER provides 18 sets of air conditioning units for the museum

The 18 sets of constant temperature and humidity air conditioning units were selected for this project to meet the year-round temperature and humidity requirements of the exhibition area. VRCOOLER's constant temperature and humidity units use an intelligent control system to achieve cooling, heating, dehumidifying and humidifying functions to achieve precise control of the indoor temperature and humidity environment.

air conditioning unit (23)

▪ The main features are as follows.

▲ Precise and reliable

△ Careful design, strict laboratory testing and comprehensive quality control ensure that the unit has excellent reliability.

△ The unit uses world-renowned brand components to ensure the high reliability and service life of the whole unit.

 ▲ Constant temperature and humidity

△ The unit can precisely control the temperature (accuracy ±1℃) and relative humidity (±5%) to meet the requirements of all-weather work.

△ The unit is equipped with a large windward area evaporator, reflecting large air volume and small enthalpy difference, generating maximum apparent cooling capacity and making it easy to maintain a balanced temperature and humidity in the indoor environment.

  ▲ Energy saving and environmental protection

△ The units use high efficiency fans and fully enclosed compressor systems to reduce operating costs and always focus on energy use efficiency.

The unit uses R407C/R410A, the most eco-friendly refrigerant, to focus on environmental sustainability.

  ▲ Intelligent control

△ Highly intelligent microprocessor control system, reliable operation, easy to use and maintain, strong anti-interference ability, can make the unit always in the best operating condition.

△ With various protection functions, it can also do the joint control of the unit.

▲ Other features

△ A variety of air supply and return methods can be chosen, flexible in use.

△ Equipped with detachable electrode humidifier to produce clean steam quickly, and optional electric humidifier.

△ G4 level air filter, good filtration effect, can be equipped with F8 level air filter to meet higher cleanliness requirements.

△ Adopt tube type stainless steel electric heating or PTC electric heating, high heating efficiency, multiple protection makes heating more safe and reliable.


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