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The working principle and function of the surface cooler

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The surface coolers produced by VRcooler CST have a complete variety, good quality, reasonable design, high heat exchange effect, exquisite materials, sophisticated technology, stable performance and reliable quality.

Each heat exchanger is rigorously tested to ensure high pressure resistance and zero leakage.

surface cooler

1. The surface cooler is currently a product with reasonable sheet arrangement and good heat exchange effect;

2. The surface cooler undergoes strict mechanical expansion to ensure the close contact between the aluminum fin hole wall and the copper tube without being affected by thermal expansion and contraction, thus stabilizing the efficient heat exchange of the surface cooler.

3. The unique bending process greatly reduces the volume of the surface cooler and realizes the efficient heat exchange of refrigerant, cold and hot water and air.

4. It is an excellent choice for manufacturers of vacuum, purification air conditioners, variable air volume air conditioners, commercial and household air conditioners.

5. The cooling water consumption is greatly reduced, reducing the cooling water flow of the air cooler and the cooling tower

The fan coil surface cooler of the air handling unit cools the air flowing through the heat exchange fins outside the tube through the air-conditioning chilled water (refrigerant water) flowing inside, and the fan sends the cooled cold air to the place of use for cooling, and the refrigerant water The working principle and function of the return water from the surface cooler Cools the air that flows through it and circulates continuously.

The production of the cooler adopts the mechanical expansion process to ensure the heat exchange performance.

The material of the surface cooler header can be galvanized pipe, copper pipe or stainless steel pipe;

The surface cooler fins can be ordinary aluminum foil or hydrophilic aluminum foil;

The surface cooler end shield can be galvanized sheet or stainless steel sheet.


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