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The production of heat transfer oil heat exchanger is completed and ready for export

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The production of heat transfer oil heat exchanger is completed and ready for export

The heat transfer oil heat exchanger belongs to the indirect heat transfer drying equipment. It is equipped with heating finned tubes. The heat transfer oil can be passed into the heating tubes as a heat source. The heat required for drying is transferred to the dried materials by the heating tubes. It has the following advantages:

1. Product quality is easy to guarantee. Since the material is not in direct contact with the drying medium, the secondary pollution of the material by the drying medium is avoided.

2. Large heat transfer area and large processing capacity. Using heat transfer oil as a heat source, heat transfer oil is a process of circulating heating, which greatly improves the utilization rate of heat energy.

3. High thermal efficiency. The thermal efficiency of the indirect heating dryer is mainly reflected in the exhaust gas flow. The tail gas flow rate of the indirect heating dryer is small, so the heat energy taken away is less.

4. Low pollution. The small exhaust gas flow rate greatly reduces the dust carried out from the dryer. Pollution can be controlled in a very small range. At the same time, because the moisture content in the tail gas can be very high, it is beneficial to the recovery of some special solvents.

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According to the different finned tubes, it can be divided into the following types:

1. The steel heat exchanger is mainly composed of three rows of spiral finned tube bundles arranged along the air flow direction. The finned tube is to wind the cold-rolled steel strip on the seamless steel pipe by mechanical winding, and then galvanize the surface or spray high-temperature silver powder paint. The contact surface between the heat dissipation tube and the fin is wide and tight, and the heat transfer performance Good, stable and corrosion-resistant, beautiful in appearance, easy to install, easy to manage, durable and wear-resistant.

2. The manufacturing process of the stainless steel heat exchanger is the same as that of the steel heat exchanger, and the material is stainless steel.

3. The steel-aluminum composite heat exchanger adopts steel-aluminum composite rolling technology, and the base tube material of the composite finned tube can be carbon steel. After the bimetal is tightly combined, the heat pipe has the characteristics of small thermal resistance (no contact thermal resistance), good heat transfer performance, high strength, low resistance, not easy to dust, strong anti-corrosion performance, clean and beautiful, and long working life.

4. The stainless steel-aluminum composite heat exchanger is the same as the steel-aluminum composite process, and the base pipe material is made of stainless steel.

According to the production method, it can be divided into head type, floating head type and elbow type.

Head type: The head type is that the sealing plate is directly welded with the tube plate to form a header for all tube bundles. It is simple and convenient to make, and is suitable for use when the temperature is not too high and the length of the finned tube is not long, so as to avoid thermal expansion and cold Shrinkage causes the finned tube to deform or even crack.

Floating head type: The floating head type uses two tube sheets, and there is a certain gap between the tube sheets, which can effectively solve the problems caused by thermal expansion and contraction, but the production is difficult and the technical requirements are high.

Elbow type: The elbow type can not only solve the problem of thermal expansion and cold contraction, but also is convenient to manufacture, durable argon arc welding elbow, high pressure resistance.


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