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The importance of industrial dehumidifiers

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Industrial dehumidifiers have an important impact on people's work and life in production and living environments. Humidity control and regulation are important issues related to production processes and material storage.

Let's take a look at the important role of industrial dehumidifiers in industrial production.

   1, control humidity to prevent mold: It is known that the reproduction and spread of mold in a humid environment will continue to increase in speed. On the contrary, when the air is dry, the reproduction and spread of bacteria will also decline.

   2, speed up the drying speed: many products need to be dried in the production process, dehumidifiers can remove excess moisture, speed up the drying speed and improve production efficiency.

   3, to prevent equipment condensation: air humidity is too high, encountering low-temperature items are prone to condensation. For example, in various pipelines, production equipment such as dials, too much condensation will appear large droplets of water, easy to corrode the equipment, resulting in short circuits in the circuit system, etc.

   4, to ensure the service life of production equipment, slow down the rate of oxidation and corrosion of equipment: now many equipment shell is not steel, but plastic, these two materials in a humid environment is easy to corrode or aging, often use dehumidifiers to remove humidity can reduce the rate of corrosion of equipment.

   5, to protect the health of workers: some special occupations need to operate in a humid environment. Humid environment is easy to cause rheumatism, the onset of pain, endangering human health.

   With the rapid development of industry, the requirements for the humidity of the factory environment are getting higher and higher. High factory humidity can affect the health of workers, product quality problems and damage to machinery and equipment.

   Industrial dehumidifiers draw moisture into the machine through a fan and frost each other through the refrigeration system (compressor, evaporator and condenser). The system automatically heats the frost and water flows into the tank to produce dry air. Industrial dehumidifier can effectively control the site air humidity, correctly control the site air humidity 40%-60% (the general site needs humidity), to solve the trouble caused by air humidity.

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