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The advantages of steam radiators and the necessity of maintenance

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The advantages of steam radiators and the necessity of maintenance

  A steam radiator is a device that heats water or air with steam as a heat source. It can fully replace a large amount of calorific value in steam to heat water or air. The heated water or air can be sent to all kinds of drying equipment in a concentrated way. In modern industry, steam has been widely used as an ideal heat carrier. The steam radiator can directly dissolve the steam in the water quickly and evenly. Apart from this, do you know what other advantages the steam radiator has? Let's take a look at the advantages of steam radiators together.

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Main advantages of steam radiators

    1. High efficiency and energy saving, the thermal efficiency can reach 99%. The steam radiator can directly dissolve the steam in the water quickly and evenly, and even if the pressure difference between the steam and the heated liquid is only 0.04Mpa, the steam can still be added to the heated liquid well, so the heat loss is small and the thermal efficiency is high.

    2. The temperature of the hot water is high. The vortex heater can be used to obtain hot water at a higher temperature. The maximum heating temperature for the open container is 98°C and the pressure container can reach 150°C. The maximum working pressure of the steam radiator is 1.6Mpa.

    3. Small vibration and low noise: It is beneficial to improve the surrounding environment. Compared with the old-fashioned flower tube heater, the vortex muffler heater adopts the internal swirl muffler structure, the noise is lower than 50db, and the vibration is greatly reduced.

    4. Low total investment: the heat source steam directly enters the water tank, which can save the pump room equipment for hot water and save investment.

    5. Simple operation and maintenance: water and steam are controlled separately, so the remaining cold water in the water tank can be heated repeatedly, and the temperature control is convenient.

    6. The steam radiator is made of all stainless steel, no need to disassemble and maintain, and has a long service life.

    During the operation of the steam radiator, it mainly exchanges heat with water vapor. It can also be said to be a water vapor heat exchanger. It is an indispensable part of the equipment. The steam in the hot gas is the steam in the operation process The medium is used in many places in our life, corrosion resistance and heat transfer are the constituent elements of steam radiators.

When we use a steam radiator, it is very simple to use, but there are still many details that need to be paid attention to. Whether it is made of aluminum or steel, it is inseparable from the water quality. If the water quality is relatively high in alkali content, choose the former.

    In the process of use, it is necessary to effectively clean the inner cavity of the radiator. During the cleaning process, chemical methods can be used to remove the scale in the inner cavity to reduce the inner cavity corrosion.

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