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The Working Principle of Exhaust Gas Heat Recovery for Gas Generating Sets

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The Working Principle of Exhaust Gas Heat Recovery for Gas Generating Sets

The working principle of exhaust gas heat recovery for a Gas Generator set is usually based on the principle of heat exchange. Here is how a typical exhaust gas heat recovery system works:

Exhaust gas collection: The exhaust gases from the combustion of fuel in a gas generator set are first collected. These exhaust gases contain high temperature flue gases and combustion residues.

Heat exchanger: The heat exchanger is the key component in an exhaust gas heat recovery system. The heat exchanger usually consists of a set of finned tubes which can come into contact with the exhaust gas via heat transfer plates or fins in order to transfer the heat energy efficiently. The other side of the heat exchanger flows through water or other heat transfer medium.

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Heat energy transfer: As the exhaust gas passes through the heat exchanger, its heat energy is transferred to the metal tube walls in the heat exchanger and then to the surrounding water or heat transfer medium via the heat transfer plates or fins. In the process, the temperature of the exhaust gas drops and the temperature of the heat transfer medium rises.

Heat utilisation: The heat transfer medium (e.g. water) can be used for a variety of applications after the heat energy has been absorbed in the heat exchanger. Common utilisation methods include: heating water in heating systems, heating requirements in production processes, steam generation in steam generators etc. By efficiently utilising the thermal energy in exhaust gases, additional heat supply can be provided and the load on other heating equipment can be reduced.

Emission of exhaust gases: At the end of the heat exchange process, the temperature of the exhaust gases has been significantly reduced and can be further passed through an exhaust gas treatment system to meet environmental standards before the exhaust gases are emitted into the atmosphere.

Through the exhaust gas heat recovery system, the gas generator sets are able to recover and utilise the heat energy in the exhaust gas to the maximum extent possible, improving energy utilisation efficiency and reducing energy waste and environmental pollution. This heat recovery technology is of great significance to the sustainable use of energy and environmental protection.


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