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The Working Principle and Notes of Remote Generator Radiator Cooling System

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If the geneset is installed below the plane, due to the space limitation, it is recommended to use the remote radiator to cool the engineing. In the remote radiator cooling system, the radiator is separated from the engine and used the electric fan to dissipatefor heat dissipation. The system can be used as a fully closed unit for outdoor use or as an open form for indoor enginesdevices.

  When the radiator is installed more than 3 meters above the geneset,most engines require a separate radiator (components: high radiator, water storage tank, low water tank) and electric water pump. The size of the branch radiator depends on the capacity of the whole cooling system, that is, the total amount of pipes required plus the amount of cooling water. The cooling water is driven by an electric circulating pump and circulates from the separate radiato r through the radiator and engine. Generally, the cooling fan and the water pump motor are powered by the geneset, and the required load power for this part should be included in the total geneset power.

  When the geneset is out of service, the water will flow from the radiator into the separate radiator., and when the unit is in operation, the separate radiator must have enough water to fill the whole cooling system and maintain sufficient cooling water for a long time. To ensure the effective circulation of the unit.

Remote Generator Radiator Cooling System

Attention should be paid to this system:

*To prevent foreign substances from polluting the cooling water agent;

*The turbulence of the branch tank can oxidize water

*Avoid air being enclosed in the system, pipes should be provided with vent

*Carry out appropriate water treatment to meet the water quality requirements of the engine;

*To prevent water condensation and corrosion, the entire cooling water system must be added with coolant and preservatives in accordance with regulations;

*The cooling water keep natural flow in the radiator circulation system.


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