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Steam Coils for Washing Machinery

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Steam Coils for Washing Machinery

Steam coils can be used in washing machines and are often used as a heating device to assist in cleaning and sterilising items such as clothing.

Washing machines often require heated water or steam to assist in the cleaning of clothing. Steam coils can be used to transfer heat from steam to water or other media in washing machinery by conducting heat, thereby raising its temperature and making it easier to clean and sanitise items.

Steam coils in washing machines have the following advantages:

Efficient Heating: Steam coils can transfer the heat from the steam to the media by conduction of heat, which is highly efficient and allows the washing machinery to warm up more quickly.

High-temperature disinfection: steam coils can make the temperature of the medium rise to a high temperature state, can effectively kill microbes and viruses, to achieve the effect of disinfection.

Energy saving and environmental protection: compared with the traditional heating method, the heating efficiency of the steam coil is higher, which can save energy and reduce the impact of energy consumption on the environment.

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