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Steam Coils are Required for Palm Oil Production

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Steam Coils are Required for Palm Oil Production

Steam coils are a common type of heat exchange equipment used to heat or cool fluids or media involving palm oil in the palm oil production process. Steam coils heat or cool palm oil by transferring heat from steam or cooling media.

Below are the application scenarios and working principles of steam coils in the palm oil production process:

Heating Palm Oil: Steam coils can be used as a heat source to transfer heat from steam to palm oil or fluids in palm oil to heat them to the desired temperature. This can be used in the pyrolysis, deacidification or refining of palm oil.

Cooling palm oil: Steam coils can also be used as heat transfer devices for cooling media, transferring the low temperature in the cooling media to the palm oil or the fluid in the palm oil, cooling it to the desired temperature. This can be used in the crystallisation, solidification or cooling process of palm oil.

Palm oil heat exchangers

The working principle of a steam coil is as follows:

Steam Pathways: Steam coils have internal steam pathways through which steam enters the coil.

Heat Transfer Surfaces: The walls or pipes of the steam coil are the key part of the heat transfer, where heat is transferred from the steam to the coil walls by conduction or convection.

Palm Oil Fluid: Palm oil or the fluid in palm oil passes through the steam coil and comes into contact with the heat transfer surface where it exchanges heat for heating or cooling.

Cooling Medium: In cooling applications, the outside of the steam coil brings the flowing cooling medium into contact with the coil wall, where the cooling medium absorbs heat from the coil wall to achieve cooling of the palm oil.

Steam coils provide a heating or cooling function to the palm oil production process by means of steam heat transfer, ensuring the temperature control and handling requirements of the palm oil during the production process. This helps to improve the efficiency, quality and controllability of palm oil production.


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