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Stainless steel cooling coils for IQF

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In the food processing business, IQF tunnel freezers are used to quickly freeze individual food items while preserving their shape and texture. Food is moved through a tunnel by a conveyor belt system and swiftly frozen by a stream of cold air in these freezers.

The cooling coils of an IQF tunnel freezer are in charge of producing the cold air that freezes the food. These coils are typically composed of aluminum or stainless steel and are engineered to survive the freezing process's low temperatures.

Because of their excellent thermal conductivity, aluminum cooling coils are a popular choice for IQF tunnel freezers because they swiftly chill the air traveling through them. However, aluminum coils are prone to corrosion and can be difficult to clean, compromising the freezing process's hygiene.

Stainless steel cooling coils offer improved corrosion resistance and are easier to clean than aluminum coils. The flat surface of stainless steel coils also aids in the prevention of ice buildup on the coil, which can reduce its efficacy over time.

iqf evaporator

These stainless steel evaporators are built to endure the extreme freezing temperatures while maintaining a high level of hygiene.

The evaporator's stainless steel structure makes it corrosion resistant and capable of withstanding the low temperatures required for freezing. Furthermore, the stainless steel's smooth surface is easy to clean, making it perfect for usage in the food processing industry.

IQF tunnel freezers work by rapidly freezing individual food items, preserving their shape and texture. The evaporator is an important part of this procedure since it cools the air that passes over the food products. The evaporator's stainless steel structure guarantees that it successfully cools the air and maintains a consistent temperature throughout the freezer.

In general, a stainless steel evaporator is a dependable and long-lasting solution for IQF tunnel freezers. Its capacity to endure the hard freezing temperatures while maintaining a high level of sanitation makes it a perfect choice for the food processing industry.


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