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Stainless Steel Evaporator for Food Industry low temperature and high humidity thawing machine

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VRcoolertech provides stainless steel tube fin/cooler for low temperature and high humidity thawing machine. Stainless steel tube fins/coolers can avoid rust and corrosion caused by long-term contact with frozen food to the greatest extent, and stainless steel tube fins/coolers are also the best choice for cooling/heating in the food industry.

Stainless Steel Evaporator for Food Industry

Low-temperature and high-humidity thawing is the most widely used thawing method at home and abroad. The working principle of the thawing machine is to use low-temperature and high-humidity circulating air to pass through the surface of the frozen product to slowly thaw under a relatively small temperature difference. Relatively fresh, the temperature difference between the surface and the center can be controlled within 2°C, and the weight loss rate can be controlled within 1%. The thawing heating method is electric heating or steam source.

Control the humidity, temperature, wind speed and wind direction of the air to meet the thawing requirements (humidity requirements are 90%-98%). High humidity is conducive to reducing the outflow of juice when the meat is thawed, the wind speed is frequency conversion speed regulation, the temperature is a curve change, and the humidity is controlled by a sensor.

Frozen products are exchanged with heated air during thawing, and the heated air continuously circulates around the thawed products to make them heated evenly, the temperature rises, and the ice crystals are thawed.

Advantages: controllable thawing process, low water loss rate, uniform thawing, low bacterial growth, good color and luster


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