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Shipyard Industrial Dehumidifier

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Shipyard Industrial Dehumidifier

Shipyard industrial dehumidifiers are dehumidifiers designed for the shipbuilding industry to control humidity during ship construction and repair to ensure that the working environment is dry and meets process requirements. Here is some key information about industrial dehumidifiers for shipyards:

Working Principle:

Industrial dehumidifiers draw in ambient air through an inbuilt refrigeration system and condense the water vapour in it into water, which is usually discharged as a liquid. This process helps to reduce the relative humidity in the air.

The dried air is reheated and returned to the work area through the air supply system. This helps maintain proper temperature and humidity levels.

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Welding and Metal Working: Welding and metal working are common process steps in shipbuilding. Controlling humidity prevents porosity and impurities during the welding process and ensures weld quality.

Painting and anticorrosion treatments: During ship construction and repair, hulls require painting and anticorrosion treatments. Humidity control helps paint curing and effective application of anti-corrosion materials.

Electrical equipment: Electrical equipment is very sensitive to humidity. Controlling humidity prevents malfunction and damage to electrical equipment.

Material Storage: Shipyards often need to store a variety of metals, lumber and other building materials. Humidity control helps maintain the quality of these materials.


Improve the quality of the work environment: dehumidifiers can improve the work environment, increasing worker comfort and productivity.

Prevents corrosion: Humidity control helps prevent corrosion of metal parts and extends the life of the ship.

Compliance with quality standards: controlling humidity helps to meet the quality standards and regulations that were in place when the ship was built.

Saving maintenance costs: By controlling humidity, damage to electrical equipment and mechanical parts can be reduced, thus reducing maintenance costs.


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