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Sewage Waste Heat Waste Heat Recovery for Printing and Dyeing Plant

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Waste heat recovery heat exchanger, through the recovery of flue gas, waste water waste heat, waste gas and other waste heat, heating another medium: gas, liquid, to achieve energy saving and emission reduction, efficient use of energy 'low-carbon environmental protection purposes.

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Problem background:

Most of the cotton long yarn printing and dyeing factories are directly summing up the sewage from 50℃ - 80℃ in the dyeing tank to the cesspool, and discharging it directly to the sewage treatment plant through the pipeline for centralized treatment. And the dyeing tank should constantly add room temperature water and steam to raise the water temperature to meet the production process requirements, and the 50 ℃ - 80 ℃ sewage contains a lot of heat energy is discharged in vain.


Design a waste heat recovery device to recover part of the heat from the sewage and heat the water to enter the dyeing tank so as to reduce the steam consumption of heating water.

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