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Ripening Air Coolers For Farms And Plantations

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Ripening air coolers combine the cooling function of a air cooler with the environmental control function of a ripening room and are commonly used for bananas, mangoes, tomatoes and other fruits that require specific conditions for ripening. The equipment can accurately control parameters such as temperature, humidity and carbon dioxide concentration to provide an optimal ripening environment.

Temperature control: The temperature in the ripening room can be precisely controlled to keep it within the range suitable for ripening. Typically, the ripening process requires a constant temperature to ensure uniform ripening of the fruit.

Humidity control: Humidity is regulated to prevent water loss or mould during the ripening process. The right level of humidity maintains the freshness and appearance of the fruit.

Gas control: Some ripening air coolers are equipped with a gas control system that regulates the concentration of carbon dioxide and ethylene, which play a key role in the ripening process.

Circulating fans: Built-in circulating fans distribute cold air and gases evenly, ensuring that the set environmental conditions are met in every corner of the ripening room.

Energy efficient: modern ripening air coolers are usually designed to be energy efficient, using high efficiency compressors and environmentally friendly refrigerants to reduce energy consumption.

Automatic control: Equipped with an intelligent control system, various parameters can be set and monitored to achieve fully automatic operation, improving the controllability and consistency of ripening.

Application Scenarios

Fruit wholesalers and import/export companies: used to ripen large quantities of imported or exported fruits to ensure that they are kept in the best condition during transport.

Supermarkets and retailers: to ripen some fruit before sale to meet market demand.

Farms and plantations: treating under-ripe fruit after harvest to optimise marketing time and quality.

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