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Replacement Condenser Coil for CARREIR Water Chiller 30XA602-0229-PEE

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Vrcooler manufactures condenser coil replacements for many brand air-cooled chillers.

The replacement coils also outperform the original heat exchanger in terms of heat transfer rates, ensuring greater system efficiency.

Chiller replacement coils from Vrcooler are fully compatible with original heat exchangers, ensuring a simple and trouble-free replacement process.

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Chiller Brand Air Cooled Water Chiller models
Chiller Carrier AquSnap 30RAP
AquSnap 30RB
AquaForce 30XA
AquaForce 30XV
Chiller York Chiller York YCAL
Chiller York YLAA
Chiller York YVAA
Chiller York YVFA
Chiller York YCIV
Chiller Trane Chiller Trane RTAE
Chiller Trane CGAM
Chiller Trane RTAC
Chiller Mirsubishi Mitsubishi i-NX
Mitsubishi NX2 2
Mitsubishi NX2 4
Chiller Hitachi Hitachi Serie AZPY1
Hitachi Serie V


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