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Reasons for using immersion cooling

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Data centers usually contain millions of computer chips. With the operation of these chips, a lot of heat will be generated. In traditional data centers, electric air-conditioning systems that keep chips cool consume amazing resources, are expensive, and often use energy generated from fossil fuels. Immersion cooling provides an environmentally friendly solution to today's challenges. These liquids are safe for computer chips and keep them cool while the chips are running and heating up. As the chip heats up, it evaporates. When the liquid evaporates, it rises to the top of the container and contacts the pipe containing the cooling water. Then the steam condenses and returns to the tank to continue cooling the chips.

Immersion cooling is extremely efficient and can handle a staggering 40 megawatts of IT computing power, with 252 kilowatts available per rack without the need to use excess electricity for air conditioning and cooling.

The Vrcooler immersion cooling system can bring more than 3 times the computing power to each rack.

Dry Cooler for immersion cooling system


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