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Processing technology of finned tube heat exchanger

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Processing technology of finned tube heat exchanger

Because the finned tube heat exchanger is made of stainless steel, its thermal change ability is not high, and it can be used stably in an environment with a large temperature difference. Due to its strong thermal conductivity, it can quickly transfer heat energy between different components. Fast transfer, low heat loss, stable structure, can be used for a long time. At the same time, the surface is arranged in a roundabout way, the photolysis is neat, and it is easy to clean up.

Sometimes we need to reprocess the finned tube heat exchanger, because the metal strength of the finned tube heat exchanger itself is very high, the structure is stable in a cold environment, and it is not easy to deform even if it takes a lot of effort to operate directly, so We need to do it with high heat.

There are two common finned tube heat exchanger treatment processes, hot forging and laser welding, and there will be no scaling and dusting in the case of heat exchange. The surface will not form condensed water droplets, which can effectively resist thermal vibration and mechanical resonance. If the gap between each piece is uneven, it will eventually affect the heat transfer effect.

When finally pressing the finned tube from the beginning, you must pay attention to the scale position of the last pressing, and do not press the rubber gasket too much, which will reduce the service life of the finned tube heat exchanger.

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