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Natural cooling of cooling data center IT equipment

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Natural cooling is a method of cooling data center IT equipment by using natural air or water rather than mechanical cooling systems. This method can significantly reduce a data center's energy consumption and operating costs.

For data center applications, several natural cooling technologies are available, including

Air-Side Energy Savers: These systems cool the data center using outside air rather than a mechanical cooling system. In cooler climates, air-side economizers are especially effective.

Water-side economizers: These systems cool the data center with chilled water from a nearby water source, such as a river or lake. In areas with high ambient temperatures, this method is commonly used.

Evaporative cooling: This method cools the air inside the data center by allowing water to evaporate. Evaporative cooling systems are especially effective in low-humidity environments.

Indirect evaporative cooling: A heat exchanger separates the outside air from the inside air in this method. Evaporation cools the outside air, which is then delivered to the data center via the heat exchanger.

Hybrid systems combine multiple natural cooling technologies, such as air-side and water-side energy savers, to maximize efficiency and reliability.

It is critical to consider factors such as the data center's location, climate, and IT load when selecting a natural cooling technology for a data center application. Furthermore, it is critical to ensure that any natural cooling system is designed and implemented with the highest levels of efficiency and dependability in mind.

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