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Microchannel heat exchangers: advantages and benefits

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Advantages and uses of microchannel heat exchangers

The HVAC industry has mostly shifted to using all-aluminum microchannel heat exchanging devices due to their superior performance, compact size, and additional features and capabilities that are unavailable in conventional fin/tube heat exchangers.

Increased heat transfer from the fins to the air, heat conduction from the fins to the tubes, and heat transfer from the tubes to the refrigerant all contribute to microchannel technology's ability to boost performance.

micro channel heat exchanger (17)

In a nutshell, microchannel heat exchanging technology has the following advantages over conventional fin/tube designs:

Improved productivity and effectiveness:

Enhanced heat transfer efficiency by 20%–40%

Lessening of air pressure reduces dramatically

Reduced bulk and size: the coil face can be reduced by 10%-30% depending on the parameters of the design.

Slim profile makes better use of limited real estate

Reductions in fat content of up to 60%

Savings in expenditures:

Reduced amount of refrigerant charge

A drop in the price of raw materials

Trustworthy as demonstrated by:

Using tried-and-true methods and components in production

A greater resilience to corrosion

Stronger framework


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