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Materials and characteristics of common finned tubes

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Materials and characteristics of common finned tubes

As the main component of the industrially generated air heat exchanger, the finned tube is mainly used for heat conduction, so what material is usually used for the finned tube and what is its performance?

1: Steel-aluminum composite finned tube, using advanced composite technology, basically no contact thermal resistance below 300 degrees in the tube. This material has the toughness of steel pipes and the high thermal conductivity of aluminum, and has excellent thermal conductivity. The fin itself has no wrinkles, is not easy to accumulate water, has the advantages of good winding type, easy cleaning, strong pressure resistance, and large unit heat transfer area.

2: Carbon steel finned tube; carbon steel has good rigidity and is suitable for high pressure and high temperature occasions. The basic process flow of the carbon steel finned tube forming process is as follows: firstly, a polygonal ring shell with a polygonal section or a polygonal fan shell with closed ends is welded. After the inside is filled with pressure medium, the internal pressure is applied. Under the action of internal pressure, the section gradually changes from a polygon to a circle, and finally forms a torus shell. There are three types of flange sealing surfaces: flat sealing surface, suitable for low pressure, non-toxic media; concave and convex sealing surface, suitable for slightly higher pressure occasions.

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Of course, there are also; stainless steel, copper, and finned tubes of different materials have their own metal characteristics and different advantages. You can choose according to actual needs when choosing.


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