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Jenbacher gas engine Jenbacher JMS 320 GS-N.L 2 remote radiator

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Jenbacher JMS 320 GS-N.L 2 Remote Radiator

Jenbacher JMS 320 GS-N.L 2Jenbacher JMS 320 GS-N.L 3Jenbacher JMS 320 GS-N.L 1

A Jenbacher gas engine remote radiator is a type of heat exchanger used to cool the engine coolant in a Jenbacher gas engine. Jenbacher gas engines are commonly used for power generation, cogeneration, and gas compression applications in a range of industries, including oil and gas, mining, and manufacturing.

The Jenbacher gas engine generates heat as it operates, and this heat must be removed in order to maintain the engine's performance and reliability. The engine coolant, which circulates through the engine to absorb and transfer heat, is typically cooled by a radiator located near the engine. However, in some applications, a remote radiator may be used instead.

A remote radiator is located some distance away from the engine, and the engine coolant is circulated between the engine and the remote radiator through a network of pipes. The remote radiator is typically located outdoors or in a separate building, which allows for greater flexibility in the placement of the engine and the cooling system.

The Jenbacher gas engine remote radiator works by circulating a coolant, typically water or a water-glycol mixture, through a series of tubes contained within a metal shell. Heat is transferred from the coolant to the surrounding air, which is drawn in by a fan and forced over the surface of the radiator.

The remote radiator is designed to provide efficient cooling of the engine coolant, even in hot and humid environments. It may be equipped with features such as louvers, screens, and filters to protect against debris and contaminants in the air.

The design and selection of a Jenbacher gas engine remote radiator depends on a variety of factors, such as the operating conditions, available space, and cooling requirements of the engine. The remote radiator must be properly sized and configured to ensure effective cooling of the engine coolant, which is essential for maintaining the performance and reliability of the engine.


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