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Is the immersion liquid cooling effect good?

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Is the immersion liquid cooling effect good?

In general, the heat dissipation effect of immersion liquid cooling is still very good, and it is much better than air cooling and water cooling.

First of all, immersion liquid cooling can be seen from the name. It is a heat dissipation method that immerses all electronic components in liquid and quickly takes away heat through the flow of liquid. In this heat dissipation method, since all the electronic components are immersed in the cooling medium, the heat dissipation is all-round heat dissipation, and the heat dissipation efficiency is higher.

Secondly, this heat dissipation method relies more on the physical and chemical properties and structural design of the refrigerant itself, so if a very good thermal fluid can be found, the cost and energy consumption of this heat dissipation method can be greatly reduced. At present, 3M fluorinated fluid and Lanyang's BO thermal fluid are relatively excellent in the fields of two-phase heat dissipation and single heat dissipation respectively.

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In addition to the very good cooling effect, this cooling method has many other benefits, such as:

1) Since the single-phase heat dissipation does not involve the state change of the liquid, it can greatly reduce the size of the equipment while improving the heat dissipation efficiency. If it is in the industrial field, the space utilization rate can be greatly improved.

2) In the industrial field, air cooling is currently used more, but the energy consumption of air cooling is large, and the consumption is very serious and the cost is very high; in contrast, immersion liquid cooling can greatly reduce energy loss. , shorten the return period.

3) Long-term immersion of hardware in non-corrosive liquid can slow down the loss of hardware, relatively improve its service life, and the value of secondary recycling

In short, the advantages of immersion liquid cooling are still very obvious, which is why it is called "third-generation thermal cooling technology".

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