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Immersion dry coolers

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Immersion dry coolers

An immersion dry cooler is a type of equipment used in industrial and commercial refrigeration and is also known as a water-cooled dry cooler. The unit removes heat from a heat source in an industrial or commercial process by sending a pump to a heat sink, allowing water and air to flow through the heat exchanger.

Submerged dry coolers are designed to operate in high temperature and high humidity environments and their radiators are usually submerged in water in order to reduce the temperature by the cooling action of the water. Submerged dry coolers provide more efficient cooling than conventional air coolers, as the heat capacity of water is much greater than that of air.

Submerged dry coolers are typically used in applications where a clean environment or low noise level is required in the refrigeration process, such as in the food processing, pharmaceutical and printing industries. Benefits include high efficiency, low noise levels, easy maintenance and longer service life.

It is important to note that immersion dry coolers require proper water circulation and maintenance to ensure their optimum performance and longevity. Inadequate water circulation or impurities or dirt in the radiator may affect its performance and lead to failure. Submerged dry coolers therefore need to be cleaned and maintained regularly to ensure their proper operation.

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