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How to maintain the finned tube to make the finned tube last longer?

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How to maintain it to make the finned tube last longer? Through the maintenance of the finned tube, the service life of the finned tube will be greatly increased. The long-term use of any item is inseparable from careful maintenance and maintenance, and the finned tube is no exception.

1. The finned tube is added with scaly fins through high-frequency welding technology, so do not collide and squeeze during installation and use, which will easily deform, and even affect the heat dissipation effect.

2. Because of the spiral distribution of the scales of the finned tubes, there will be some sediments and rust layers in long-term use. We should regularly check whether the finned tubes are perfect and whether there are deposits, crystallization, rust layers and other scaling adhesions. and clean up immediately.

3. At the finned tube interface, check whether the interface is loose and the foot pad falls off.

4. Avoid rainwater dripping where the finned tube is exposed, keep it dry as much as possible, and not too close to the ground to avoid irrigating in the greenhouse from corroding the finned tube.

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