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How to install the finned tube radiator?

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How to install thefinned tube radiator

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The finned tube radiator is a kind of heat exchange equipment. 

Plumbing uses a wall-hung boiler or a boiler to heat the circulating water, and then connects to the finned tube radiator through pipes, and then outputs the appropriate temperature through the finned tube radiator to form an indoor temperature difference. , and then perform a thermal cycle, so that the temperature in the room can be raised evenly. 

The installation of the finned tube radiator is an important part, so how should we install it?

1. Before installation, we need to carry out on-the-spot measurements to determine the type, number and specific installation position of the finned tube radiator.

2. Various accessories for radiator installation, such as boards, pliers, screwdrivers and other commonly used tools.

3. The preliminary installation includes positioning, slotting, piping, pipe connection, installation of water collector, pressure test, etc. of heating equipment.

4. The later installation includes the installation of the finned tube radiator (including the fixed suspension of the finned tube radiator, the connection between the valve and the finned tube radiator and the heating pipe), the pressure test of the whole system and the installation of the finned tube radiator. debugging, etc.

5. In the process of installation and construction, it should be noted that before or after the construction of water and electricity, it should be carried out before the construction of other decoration processes.

6. If the heating is installed before the decoration, the branch pipe connecting the main heating pipe and the finned tube radiator should be buried under the floor and in the wall. Do not leak the pipe to the outside to avoid damage.

7. When the finned tube is selected, the number of pieces, the width of a single piece, the distance between the pieces, the way of water intake and the spacing of the interface should be kept accurate, so as to avoid affecting the installation of the finned tube radiator in the later stage.


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