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How to install the combined air conditioning unit?

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How to install the combined air conditioning unit?


1. The combined air-conditioning unit should be installed horizontally in the interlayer of the ceiling. The side of the condensate pipe is allowed to be as low as five thousandths, but not to be higher, so as to ensure the smooth discharge of condensate. Sufficient installation space should be left around the unit for repairing.

2. The condensate drain connected to the combined air conditioning unit must be equipped with a water seal, and the water seal must have a satisfactory height.

3. The air duct connected to the modular air conditioner unit needs to be flexibly connected, and the water pipe connected to the modular air conditioner unit should be adopted with winding, and the torque should not be too large when receiving it to avoid losing the heat exchanger. And the pipeline must have a single support, and the heavy weight should be borne by the motor set.

4. The power supply of the combined air-conditioning unit is 380V, 50Hz. If the power meets the requirements, it can be connected to the motor. After turning on the power, check whether the rotation of the fan is correct. If it is reversed, stop and change the phase sequence of the power supply.

5. The fan motor should have excellent grounding, and other reliable maintenance such as overload, overheating, missing items, etc. should be provided.

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