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How does a dry cooler system work?

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Dry coolers offer a practical approach to benefit from free cooling when the ambient temperature permits it. They combine compact dimensions with great capacity thanks to the use of cross-fin copper tubes and sophisticated corrugated aluminum fins in their construction. Plate heat exchangers are simply incorporated with all dry coolers.

Particularly in free cooling systems, dry coolers are easily connected with liquid-cooled plate heat exchangers. You can rely on us to put together the most effective and economical combination for your data center since we are a supplier that provides both dry coolers and plate heat exchangers.

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Operation of dry coolers

In order to accomplish the best possible thermal energy transfer between air and a refrigerant or fluid, dry coolers were created. The air temperature must be lower than the system's water temperature for dry coolers to function. Hot process liquid travels through the dry cooler tubes and cools the system liquid. The relatively chilly ambient air that is pumped through the coil then cools this liquid.

The fin coil, which is made of a circuit of linked tube serpentines and fins to increase the heat-exchanging surface, is the "heart" of our air heat exchangers.

Benefits: When compared to standard fin technology, our finned coil technology increases air to fluid contact by up to 40%.

reliable execution

robust construction and good corrosion resistance

a good capacity to footprint ratio

Industrial fins that are available and simple to clean

outstanding sound qualities

simple to install, move, and maintain


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