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How Many Coils Does AHU Have?

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How Many Coils Does AHU Have?

The number of coils in an AHU (air handling unit) can vary depending on the specific design and application of the unit. However, most AHUs contain at least one coil, which is typically located downstream of the unit's air filter and upstream of the unit's supply air fan.

In some cases, an AHU may contain multiple coils arranged in a series or parallel configuration. For example, a larger AHU used in a commercial or industrial setting may have multiple chilled water coils connected in series, with each coil providing additional cooling capacity. In another example, an AHU may have both a chilled water coil for cooling and a hot water coil for heating, with the two coils arranged in a parallel configuration.

The number of coils in an AHU can also depend on the specific requirements of the HVAC system it is serving. For example, a system designed for a high cooling load may require multiple coils to achieve the desired level of cooling and dehumidification. Conversely, a system with a lower cooling load may only require a single coil to achieve the desired indoor comfort levels.

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