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How Evaporators Work in Quick-freezing Machines?

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How evaporators work in quick-freezing machines

The evaporator of a quick-freezer is one of the key components of the quick-freezing process, it achieves rapid cooling by absorbing the heat from the food and converting it into steam. Here is how the evaporator of a quick-freezer works:

Freezing medium circulation: The freezing process is achieved by the circulation of a freezing medium (usually ammonia or Freon) inside the evaporator of the quick-freezer. This freezing medium will form a circulating flow circuit inside the evaporator.

Evaporator construction: The evaporator usually consists of a series of neatly arranged metal tubes in which the freezing medium flows. The surface area of the evaporator is usually large in order to increase the area of heat exchange with the food.

Heat exchange process: During the quick-freezing process, the freezing medium in the evaporator comes into contact with the surface of the food. Due to the temperature difference, the heat in the food product is transferred to the freezing medium. This causes the food surface to cool rapidly and begin to form ice.

Evaporation and heat absorption: When the freezing medium comes into contact with the food surface, it absorbs the heat from the food and transforms from a liquid state to a vapour state. The temperature of the freezing medium rises gradually during this process.

Freezing effect: Through a continuous heat exchange process, the evaporator of the quick-freezing machine is able to quickly extract heat from the food, causing it to cool and freeze quickly. This enables the original quality, taste and nutritional value of the food to be maintained.

Control and regulation: The evaporator of a quick-freezer is usually equipped with temperature and pressure sensors to monitor and control the freezing process. This allows the temperature and pressure of the freezing medium to be regulated according to demand, ensuring stability and consistency of the freezing effect.

In summary, the evaporator of a quick-freezer effectively absorbs heat from the food and rapidly cools it through the process of circulation, heat exchange and evaporation of the freezing medium. It plays a key role in the quick-freezing process, enabling the food to achieve a rapid freezing effect and to maintain its quality and characteristics.

evaporators for quick-freezing machines

The frozen food processing industry is an industry in which fresh food is processed and stored by means of freezing technology. The frozen food processing industry has become an extremely important part of the modern food industry. The following is some information about the frozen food processing industry:

Preparation of frozen food: The frozen food processing industry extends the shelf life of fresh food by freezing it quickly and keeping it at low temperatures. The production process includes the preparation of ingredients, handling, freezing, packaging and storage.

Freezing techniques: The frozen food processing industry uses a variety of freezing techniques, such as rapid freezing (IQF), to rapidly cool the surface of food in a very short period of time, preventing clumping and preserving the quality of the food.

Food types: The frozen food processing industry can process a wide range of food types, including vegetables, fruit, meat, seafood, staple foods, dairy products, pastries and more. This makes it as easy as possible for consumers to access a wide range of seasonal ingredients.

Maintaining food quality: freezing technology effectively prevents the growth of microorganisms at lower temperatures, thus extending the shelf life of food. In addition, the rapid cooling during the freezing process helps to preserve the taste, colour and nutritional value of the food.

Logistics and storage: The frozen food processing industry requires a well-developed logistics and storage system, including facilities such as refrigerated vehicles and refrigerated warehouses, to ensure that frozen food is maintained at the right temperature during transportation and storage.

Market demand: As lifestyles and consumption habits change, the demand for convenient, fast and high-quality food is increasing, prompting the development of the frozen food processing industry. Frozen food is also popular with consumers for its convenient cooking methods and long shelf life.


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