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How Does Marine Dehumidifier Work

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How does the marine dehumidifier work?

The moisture-absorbing runner rotates slowly under the drive of external force. The wet air to be processed passes through the 3/4 area of the windward surface of the runner. The moisture in the wet air is attached and absorbed in the inhalation, and the treated dry air leaves under the action of the processing fan. The runner is equipped with other treatment methods and finally sent to the workplace; when the processed air enters the runner, the regeneration air is heated first, and then under the action of the regeneration fan, it passes through the 1/4 area of the runner in the reverse direction, and the The wheel takes away the moisture absorbed from the treated air to realize the regeneration of the wheel and make the dehumidification continue. Runner dehumidification is widely used in various industries due to its stable operation.

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