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Generator Air Cooler FAQ

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Air Cooler FAQ

1. Where are air coolers mainly used in thermal power plants?

Answer: If air coolers are used in thermal power plants, they are generally used in air-cooled units, which are auxiliary equipment for "air-cooled" generators.

2. What is the general temperature difference of the air cooler in addition to water?

Answer: The water temperature difference of the air cooler depends on the air temperature requirements and the material of the cooler. However, its value should not be too large, otherwise it will affect the service life of the cooler. Therefore, under the conditions allowed by the material, the temperature difference should be as low as possible, but it should not be too low.

3. Why does the system with the turbocharger need an air cooler?

Answer: It is mainly to cool the gas so that the supercharging efficiency can be improved.

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