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Finned Tube Radiator For Drying Industry, Drying Equipment Heating

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Drying industry is closely related to our industrial production and daily life. 

Drying equipment all play an indispensable role, in chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, food, wood and other industries.

drying industry

The finned tube radiator (also known as finned radiator, finned tube heat exchanger, air heater) produced by Vrcooler for drying equipment heating is the main equipment in the heat exchange device that cools or heats the air with cold and hot medium, and can heat the air by passing into steam or high temperature heat-conducting oil, and cool the air by passing into low temperature water.

Finned tube Radiator for Drying Industry

It can be widely used in the drying and drying industry with steam heat source and heat conduction oil heat source (such as drying of wood, paper tube, food, Chinese herbal medicine, chemical industry ).

fin and tube exchanger for drying equipment

We are a professional enterprise producing all kinds of heat exchangers, air heat exchangers (radiators), air coolers, finned tube heat exchangers. 

Our products are widely used in more than 30 industries such as petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, electric power, steel rolling, coking, chemical fiber, textile, printing and dyeing, painting, beer and malt, paper, wood, tobacco, food, coal and so on, also supporting for air conditioning, ovens, drying rooms, cooling and other equipment.


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