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Finned Coil Heat Exchanger for Pig Barn

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In the process of pig breeding, the temperature of pig house is an important factor to determine the growth of piglets. Once the temperature in the barn is lower than the required temperature, the pigs feel cold and will convert most of their energy to protect themselves from the cold, which directly affects their growth, and the sows also need a certain temperature for delivery.

Insufficient temperature in the pig house may make the survival rate of piglets drop greatly. In winter, when the temperature is low at night, if the floor heating temperature is not enough, pigs will be easily injured in the legs and suffer from arthritis and other diseases, and the survival rate of piglets will drop greatly, which will seriously affect the distribution efficiency of pig farms.

fin tube exchanger for pig barn

The finned tube heat exchanger produced by Vrcoolertech makes pig farms warmer in winter and cooler in summer in a more energy-efficient and safer way, heating and ventilating in winter, cooling and dispelling humidity in summer, making piglets healthy and growing fat quickly for slaughter, and allowing farmers to gain maximum profit in this market environment where demand is greater than supply.

Air cooled heat exchanger working principle

The working principle of the air cooled heat exchanger is shown in the figure:

The tube fin air cooled heat exchanger can be used as a heat source or a refrigerant. The heat source is for heating and heating, and the cold source can be used for cooling. It can be used in winter and summer.


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