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Dry cooling technology

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Use of dry cooling

As water conservation becomes a primary priority for plant owners and operators, dry cooling technology—including air-cooled condensers (ACC) and finned coolers (AFC)—accounts for a rising number of technology applications globally. Its low-maintenance technology is distinguished by its lack of hot water discharge and little upkeep requirements.

environmental advantages

Technology for dry cooling has several advantages for the environment. Dry cooling systems from vrcoolertech are perfectly suited for many crucial applications, including solar plants, biomass plants, and waste-to-energy plants. We are promoting this extremely effective technology in an increasing variety of applications as part of our commitment to preserving the environment.

Dry cooling systems require extremely little maintenance. Breakdowns are far less likely because there are so few moving parts. With a variety of setups that may be easily customised to meet particular requirements, dry cooling can work in practically any climatic state, from hot and humid to severely frigid situations.

Vrcoolertech dry cooling solutions are an intelligent choice for ecologically friendly methods of cooling facilities throughout the world because there is no water loss and less fouling and fluid pollution inside the plant.

Air-cooled condensers

Power plants use air-cooled condenser (ACC) technology to condense steam from turbines. The system does not need water to offer cooling; it merely uses outside air. This system uses an axial fan-created airflow to move exhaust gas from the turbine counter-currently through the ACC bundle and condense it in the parallel flow bundle.

For both thermal power plants and renewable energy sources (such as waste-to-energy, biomass, solar, etc.), Vrcoolertech provides the design, engineering, and construction of ACC systems.

The single row aluminium finned tube bundle has a number of benefits, including

lower drop in pressure (steam side and air side)

increased thermal effectiveness

Zero dead zones

reduced fan power use

Low-noise approach

less weight per square inch

higher resistance to corrosion

a variety of regulations suited for district heating facilities and steam outputs

Strategies for reducing wind

Choose between single row and multi-row aluminium finned tube bundles

Air Cooled Condensers Used on Power Plants for Direct Cooling and Recovery of Steam from the turbine exhaust to produce boiler feed water

Air Coolers with Fins (AFC)

Air Fin Coolers

Air fin coolers, often referred to as air-cooled heat exchangers, are a practical and affordable way to cool process fluids with air. Process industries include oil and gas, steel plants, petrochemicals, refineries, power plants, waste-to-energy plants, and chemical processing frequently employ finned air coolers.

In terms of thermal and mechanical pressure component design, steel construction, and noise management, Vrcoolertech delivers cost-effective designs to satisfy the necessary thermal performance.

The finned tubes listed below are the ones we can provide.

G-Fin (recessed): With a maximum temperature of about 400C, this high-efficiency finned tube is made for strong thermal or mechanical strains.

This type of finned tube, known as an L-Fin (encapsulated), is intended for low temperature applications where pipe corrosion prevention is necessary. The maximum temperature allowed is roughly 130C.

There are various other finned tube varieties, including extruded and galvanised finned tubes.


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