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Dry cooling for the electrolysers

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Dry cooling for the electrolysers

Dry cooling systems can be used for cooling electrolysers in various industrial applications, including in the production of hydrogen gas through water electrolysis.

Electrolysis involves the splitting of water into its constituent elements, hydrogen and oxygen, using an electrical current. The process generates a significant amount of heat, which must be removed to maintain the desired operating temperature range for the electrolysis reaction.

Dry cooling systems work by using ambient air to cool a heat transfer fluid, typically water or glycol, which is then circulated through the electrolyser to remove the heat generated by the reaction. The cooled fluid is then recirculated back to the dry cooler for further cooling.

Dry cooling systems are often preferred for electrolysis applications where a reliable and low-maintenance cooling solution is required. They can offer several advantages over other cooling technologies, such as reduced water consumption and minimized risk of contamination. Additionally, dry coolers can be designed for use in harsh environments, such as those found in remote or arid locations.

However, dry cooling systems may have limitations in terms of cooling capacity and efficiency compared to other cooling technologies, such as evaporative cooling or water-cooled systems. The specific cooling requirements of the electrolysis application will need to be carefully evaluated to determine the most appropriate cooling solution.

Dry cooling for the electrolysers


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