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Dry coolers for Server Inside Server Cooling

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Dry coolers for Server Inside Server Cooling

A Dry Cooler, also known as a dry cooler or air cooler, is a device used for server cooling inside servers. It is a traditional cooling technology that dissipates heat from a server by transferring heat from the server to the air.

A dry cooler works by passing a hot cooling medium, usually water or another fluid, through a heat exchanger inside the server so that the cooling medium inside the heat exchanger absorbs the heat generated by the server. The hot cooling medium then flows through pipes to the outside of the dry cooler, where a fan blows outside air over the hot cooling medium, thus transferring the heat from the cooling medium to the outside air. In this way, the cooling medium becomes cold again and is once again transported back inside the server where it continues to absorb heat, creating a cycle.

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Advantages of dry coolers include:

1. Water saving: Compared to traditional water cooling systems, dry coolers do not require large amounts of water because they use air as the cooling medium, thus avoiding water wastage and disposal problems.

2. Energy efficiency: Dry coolers typically have low operating energy consumption because they do not require additional energy to cool the cooling medium.

3. Reliability: Dry coolers have no liquid circulation, so there is no risk of liquid leakage or cooling system failure, thus increasing the reliability of the cooling system.

4. Environmentally friendly: Dry coolers have a low impact on the environment as they do not require water and circulating liquids.


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