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Dry Cooler for Rankine Cycle Heat Dissipation for Power Generation

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A dry cooler is a type of heat exchanger that uses ambient air to cool a fluid, typically water or a refrigerant, without any direct contact between the fluid being cooled and the air. In a Rankine cycle condensation plant, a dry cooler can be used to reject heat from the working fluid (typically steam) after it has passed through the turbine and condensed into liquid form.

Dry Cooler for Rankine Cycle Heat Dissipation for Power Generation

Here's how it works:

Condensation of Steam: In a Rankine cycle, steam expands through a turbine, losing pressure and energy, and then enters a condenser where it condenses back into liquid form. This process releases a significant amount of heat.

Cooling with Dry Cooler: Instead of using a traditional water-cooled condenser, which requires a constant supply of cooling water, a dry cooler can be employed. The hot condensed liquid from the condenser flows through tubes within the dry cooler.

Air Cooling: Ambient air is forced or naturally drawn over the external surface of the dry cooler tubes. As the air passes over the tubes, it absorbs heat from the hot liquid inside the tubes, cooling it down.

Heat Rejection: The heat absorbed by the air from the hot liquid is then dissipated into the surrounding environment. The cooled liquid leaving the dry cooler can then be circulated back into the system to repeat the cycle.

Dry coolers offer several advantages over water-cooled systems, including reduced water consumption, lower maintenance costs (due to the absence of water treatment and corrosion concerns), and increased flexibility in plant location (since they do not require access to large quantities of cooling water).


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