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Dry Cooler Used As Air Conditioning in Trade Fair Exhibition Centre

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The use of dry coolers as part of an air-conditioning system in trade show centers is an effective option, especially in large exhibition spaces that require significant air-conditioning. Dry coolers can provide reliable air cooling with the advantages of energy efficiency, environmental friendliness and flexibility for a wide range of exhibition center air conditioning needs.

Below are some of the advantages and applicable scenarios of using dry coolers as air conditioning systems in trade show centers:

Advantages and Applicable Scenarios:

Energy efficient:

Dry coolers use ambient air for indirect heat exchange and do not require water resources, thus saving water usage.

They are typically more energy efficient than traditional water cooling systems, helping to reduce energy consumption and operating costs.

Environmentally friendly:

Dry coolers do not produce water vapor emissions, avoiding the problems of water vapor emissions and water treatment that can exist in conventional cooling systems.

The use of dry coolers helps to reduce dependence on water resources and reduces the impact on the environment.


Trade show centers usually have different exhibition and function areas, such as exhibition halls, meeting rooms, lounge areas, etc., which may require different air conditioning needs.

Dry coolers can provide customized air-conditioning solutions according to the needs of each area, enabling zoned control to meet the requirements of various exhibition activities.

Dry Cooler Used As Air Conditioning in Trade Fair Exhibition Centre 1

Application Scenarios:

Exhibition Halls:

The main exhibition halls of the exhibition center can be air-conditioned with dry coolers to ensure that visitors enjoy the exhibits in a comfortable environment.

Meeting rooms and break areas:

Meeting rooms and breakout areas usually need to maintain a certain temperature and humidity level to ensure the comfort and productivity of attendees.

Dry coolers can provide proper air conditioning for these areas to ensure a favorable meeting and break environment.

Display showcases and exhibit areas:

Display cases and special exhibit areas in an exhibition center may require different temperature controls.

Dry coolers can provide customized temperature and humidity control as required for the displays.

Outdoor Exhibits:

At some outdoor exhibitions or events, dry coolers can be used as part of an outdoor air conditioning system to provide comfort in outdoor areas.

Dry Cooler Used As Air Conditioning in Trade Fair Exhibition Centre


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