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Direct Replacement Coils for Heat Pump/AHU/Air cooled Chillers

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VRcooler has mastered the ability to manufacture direct replacement coils for manufacturers of Heat Pump/AHU/Air cooled Chillers.

We offer direct OEM replacements for booster coils, chilled water coils, condensing coils, DX/evaporator coils, frozen block coils, hot water coils and steam coils.

To ensure long-lasting performance while extending the life of your OEM replacement coils,

Vrcooler offers many different coating options to provide additional corrosion protection including but not limited to automotive paint booths, chlorination pool facilities, coastal waters, industrial manufacturing plants, locations with high sun exposure, medical/pharmaceutical environments and restaurants kitchen.

Contact us to help you choose from our available coatings, including E-coating, nano-epoxy, phenolic and UV topcoats.

The following are tube-fin heat exchangers produced by VRcooler for replacement:

Thailand condenser coil for chiller


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