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Detailed explanation of finned tube radiator

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Detailed explanation of finned tube radiator

 Finned tube radiators cool air with refrigerant, heat air with heat medium, and recover air waste heat with cold water. The main equipment in the heat exchange device is fed with high-temperature water, steam or high-temperature heat-conducting oil can heat the air, and salt water or low-temperature water to cool the air. Finned tube radiators can be widely used in machinery, textiles, printing and dyeing, electronics, food, dehumidification, drying, condensation and other fields.

finned tube heat exchanger

 Finned tube radiators are divided into four methods: air cooling, air cooling, water cooling, and heat pipe cooling. The following four methods are introduced in detail:

1. Finned tube radiator air cooling

    Finned tube radiator air cooling is also called natural cooling. Generally, the heat-generating core part of the electronic component is in contact with the profile radiator, and is conducted through the natural convection of the air. Its advantages are simple structure, convenient installation and low cost. The disadvantage is that the heat dissipation power is low.

2. Air-cooled heat dissipation of finned tube radiator

    Finned tube air-cooled heat dissipation is the most common heat dissipation method at present. Generally, the heat-generating core part of the power electronic components is in contact with the heat sink to conduct heat, and then the fan is rotated to strengthen the flow of air. By means of forced convection The heat on the heat sink is transferred to the environment, and its advantages are: simple structure, low price, safe and reliable, and mature technology.

3. Finned tube radiator water cooling

    Water-cooled heat dissipation uses water pumps to drive water through the heat source for heat transfer. Its advantages: water-cooled heat dissipation efficiency is high, and the heat transfer rate is more than 20 times that of traditional air-cooled methods. It can solve the heat dissipation problem of hundreds to thousands of watts. The cooling effect is incomparable. Because even if it is the turbo air-cooled heat dissipation with the highest heat dissipation efficiency, the water-cooled heat dissipation does not have a fan, so there will be no vibration, and there is no high noise of the air-cooled heat dissipation.

4. Finned tube radiator heat pipe heat dissipation

    Finned tube radiator Heat pipe heat dissipation: heat pipe is a new type of heat transfer element with extremely high thermal conductivity. It transfers heat through the evaporation and condensation of liquid in the closed tube. Heat pipe heat dissipation technology has good heat dissipation effect, relatively small thermal resistance and long service life. Long, the advantages of fast heat transfer. The thermal conductivity of the heat pipe is more than 100 times that of Asahi ordinary metal; the heat transfer direction is reversible, no matter which end can be the evaporation end and the condensation end; excellent thermal responsiveness. The vaporized steam in the heat pipe can be transmitted at a sound speed close to the speed of sound, thus effectively improving the heat conduction effect.


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