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Customers purchase aftercoolers 5443623 for QSC 8.3 engines from VRCOOLER as replacements

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Customers purchase aftercoolers for QSC 8.3 engines from VRCOOLER as replacements. The cooler we gave to our customers is shown in the physical photo below:

Cummins QSC 8.3 Main Engine Aftercooler 54436234

Cummins produces the well-known QSC 8.3 diesel engine, which is frequently used in automotive, industrial, and marine applications. The engine is built to run at extreme pressures and temperatures, which can lead to the production of a lot of heat. The engine has an aftercooler, also referred to as a charge air cooler or intercooler, which is in charge of cooling the compressed air before it reaches the engine, to control this heat.

The aftercooler is installed between the turbocharger and the intake manifold in the QSC 8.3 engine. It is a heat exchanger that cools compressed air using either liquid or air. The compressed air flows through a number of tubes and fins that make up the aftercooler, creating a larger surface area for heat dissipation. Air is cooled as it passes through the tubes by exchanging heat with the surrounding fins.

The aftercooler is a crucial component of the QSC 8.3 engine since it lowers the temperature of the compressed air, increasing the engine's power and efficiency and lowering the danger of overheating-related engine damage. The aftercooler needs to be properly maintained, which includes routine cleaning and inspection, to ensure its longevity and ongoing operation.

5275195 CORE,Aftercooler 4345967 CORE,Aftercooler
214836 CORE,Aftercooler 3801801 Aftercooler
3638360 CORE,Aftercooler 3232254 CORE,Aftercooler
5261994 Aftercooler 4308235 Aftercooler
4910356 CORE,Aftercooler 3239534 Aftercooler
3646236 Aftercooler 3646236 Aftercooler
4100636 CORE,Aftercooler 3801801 Aftercooler
3095838 ASSEMBLY,Aftercooler 3919806 Aftercooler
3001519 CORE,Aftercooler 3924731 Aftercooler
3026923 CORE,Aftercooler 3924732 Aftercooler
3032030 CORE,Aftercooler 3924733 Aftercooler
3638361 CORE,Aftercooler 3974306 Aftercooler
4025340 KIT,Aftercooler CORE 4344077 Aftercooler
4001325 CORE,Aftercooler 4941638 Aftercooler
3102592 CORE,Aftercooler 4941639 Aftercooler
5301727 Aftercooler 4989470 Aftercooler
5262612 Aftercooler 5262314 Aftercooler
5275194 CORE,Aftercooler 5262611 Aftercooler
5262613 Aftercooler 5262612 Aftercooler
3641078 CORE,Aftercooler 5262613 Aftercooler
3347739 Aftercooler 5301727 Aftercooler
4975632 CORE,Aftercooler 5283057 KIT,Aftercooler CORE
3646235 Aftercooler 3641079 CORE,Aftercooler
5262611 Aftercooler 3626715 CORE,Aftercooler
5262314 Aftercooler 4910355 CORE,Aftercooler
5262315 Aftercooler 4933309 CORE,Aftercooler


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