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Cannabis industry needs HVAC systems specifically for grow rooms

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HVAC systems are required by the cannabis sector, especially for grow rooms.

Grow rooms are where the majority of legal cannabis products are produced. They are tailored to the requirements of those cannabis strains and created to produce large yields of those varieties. Some are greenhouses that are totally sealed. Some utilize solely specialized artificial light to promote plant growth and have absolutely no windows.

Why utilize a grow room? With a well-designed grow chamber rather than an open field, it is simpler to regulate the potency and tension of the cannabis. Insects, disease, rogue crop dusters, and theft are also less of a threat.

Demand for a specific HVAC system

The best HVAC system for a grow room must take into account a lot of things. The following are the causes for this:

Temperature and humidity must be controlled in the grow chamber within certain levels. These ranges could change depending on the crop. Yet, a crop can be harmed by inadequate or excessive humidity.

Energy usage – grow rooms also use a lot of energy. They need strong HVAC systems to maintain the temperature and humidity within particular limits, as well as a lot of electricity to offer specialized lighting. Normally, the lights are on nonstop.

Odor control - Grow rooms are infamous for producing potent odors in a limited area due to the high concentration of cannabis plants.

The problems that develop during grow room operations must be helped to address, if not mitigated, by the appropriate HVAC system.

For grow rooms, conventional HVAC systems are frequently not the best option. These HVAC systems' high energy consumption is one of their issues. These greatly raise the operation's overall energy expenditures.

These conventional HVAC systems lack the flexibility to appropriately adjust airflow and create a dry climate, which is not ideal for cannabis plants. Modern HVAC systems can manage humidity levels and provide the right amount of cooling when required.

The Vrcoolertech thermostatic all-in-one air conditioner, which was created especially for the cannabis sector, gives farmers more control over airflow and humidity levels.

An all-in-one climate control system for cannabis growth


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