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Brazed plate heat exchanger cleaning specific steps

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Brazed plate heat exchanger cleaning specific steps

Cleaning scaling in brazed plate heat exchangers is a troublesome task, after all, with the use of time, the phenomenon of internal scaling inevitably occurs, eventually leading to poor thermal conductivity, thus reducing the exchange efficiency and heat. So brazed plate heat exchanger cleaning is necessary for everyone to understand.

The most effective cleaning method for brazed plate heat exchangers

Mechanical cleaning

This method is relatively simple, is to use the iron brush cleaning. I believe you have thought of it, this will damage the plate and will increase the difficulty of the work, because the equipment needs to be disassembled, there will be damage to the rubber strip

Chemical cleaning

Acid cleaning is effective and does not damage the equipment or the board, generally using oxalic acid or formic acid as a cleaning agent.

Brazed plate heat exchanger cleaning procedure (acid cleaning)

--- Rinse: Rinse the equipment of internal impurities before acid washing. This will be more effective and reduce the consumption of acid cleaning.

---Pour the cleaning agent into the heat exchanger equipment.

--- Soak the heat exchanger for 2h, in an automatic cycle for 3-4h, turning it over every 0.5h in between for front and back side cleaning.

Precautions for acid cleaning

--- Pickling temperature you can control at about 60 degrees, if the temperature is too high, the pickling solution will intensify the corrosion of the plate.

---The pickling method uses a combination of immersion and dynamic circulation, first pickling for 2 hours, dynamic circulation for 3 or 4 hours, then pickling concentration sampling, the difference is less than 1.2% is OK.

Alkaline washing

After the completion of the pickling, sodium hydroxide and sodium phosphate make their appearance, configured in proportion to the dynamic cycle of the equipment for the purpose of alkaline washing, in order to neutralise the acid and alkali and prevent the corrosion of the plate.

Water washing

The equipment is rinsed with softened water for 0.5h and thoroughly flushed out. After completion a record is kept.

These are the specific steps and precautions for cleaning brazed plate heat exchangers.


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