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Biomass Power Plant Air Cooled Heat Exchangers

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Cooling systems are the largest water consumers in power plants, as a large amount of heat must be removed to condense the steam used to drive turbine generators. Historically, cooling was provided by water sources such as rivers and lakes, but today, an increasing number of power plants use dry cooling systems that use little to no water. These systems have higher capital costs but use 95% less water than wet cooling systems.

Power plants that burn coal, biomass, natural gas, and some other plant types generate electricity by boiling water to produce steam, which is then passed through a turbine. Steam must be condensed back into a liquid and returned to the steam generator.

Water conservation is the best practise for modern power generation companies.

The customer chose Vrcooler's industrial dry coolers for its biomass power plant cooling because of their proven quality, long warranty period, and wide range of available options. Cooling units are equipped with dual fan speed controllers and low-energy, large-diameter electronically-commutated (EC) fans. Epoxy-coated heat exchangers provide long operating life and a high level of corrosion protection for dry coolers.

Dry cooling by air is increasingly being used for new-build power plants with a steam cycle as an alternative to wet cooling, which requires approximately 3 cubic metres of water for 1MW generated power.

Vrcoolertech creates cooling solutions for power plants, such as dry cooling and hybrid systems with evaporative pre-cooling.

We pay special attention to system longevity, energy efficiency, and dependability. In summary, our solutions reduce power plant vulnerability to water scarcity while increasing generation revenue, providing long-term solutions to water stress problems in thermal power plants that use wet cooling systems.

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