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Bahrain computer room precision air conditioning completed

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Bahrain computer room precision air conditioning completed,

Cooling capacity: 36.5kW,

Voltage: 380V/3N/50hz.

precision air conditioner

Computer room precision air conditionersare widely used in high-precision environments such as computer rooms, program-controlled switch rooms, satellite mobile communication stations, large medical equipment rooms, laboratories, testing rooms, and precision electronic instrument production workshops. The cleanliness, airflow distribution and other indicators have high requirements, which must be guaranteed by the special computer room precision air-conditioning equipment that operates safely and reliably 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


sensible heat

The host and peripherals, servers, switches, optical transceivers and other computer equipment and power support equipment installed in the computer room, such as UPS power supply, will dissipate heat into the computer room by means of heat transfer, convection, and radiation. These heat only cause the temperature in the computer room. The increase is sensible heat. The heat dissipation of a server cabinet ranges from a few kilowatts to a dozen kilowatts per hour. If a blade server is installed, the heat dissipation will be higher. The heat dissipation of large and medium-sized computer room equipment is about 400W/m2, and the data center with higher installed density may reach more than 600W/m2. The sensible heat ratio in the computer room can be as high as 95%.

low latent heat

It does not change the temperature in the computer room, but only changes the moisture content of the air in the computer room. This part of the heat is called latent heat. There is no humidity dissipation device in the computer room, and the latent heat mainly comes from the staff and the outdoor air. The large and medium computer rooms generally adopt the management mode of man-machine separation. The enclosure structure of the computer room is well sealed. Therefore, the latent heat in the engine room is small.

Large air volume and small enthalpy difference

The heat of the equipment is transferred to the equipment room by conduction and radiation, and the heat is concentrated in the areas where the equipment is dense. The air volume takes the excess heat away. In addition, there is less latent heat in the machine room, so dehumidification is generally not required, and the air does not need to drop below the zero temperature when passing through the evaporator of the air conditioner, so the temperature difference and enthalpy difference of the supply air are required to be small. Larger air volume.

Uninterrupted operation, year-round cooling

The heat dissipation of the equipment in the computer room is a steady heat source and operates uninterrupted throughout the year. This requires a set of uninterrupted air conditioning guarantee system, and there are also high requirements on the power supply of the air conditioning equipment. And for the air-conditioning system that protects important computer equipment, there should also be a generator set as a backup power supply. The long-term steady-state heat source causes the need for cooling even in winter, especially in the southern region. In the northern region, if cooling is still required in winter, the condensing pressure of the unit and other related issues need to be considered when selecting an air-conditioning unit. In addition, the proportion of outdoor cold air intake can be increased to achieve the purpose of energy saving.

There are many ways to send and return air

The air supply method of the air-conditioned room depends on the source and distribution characteristics of the heat in the room. According to the dense arrangement of equipment in the computer room, the number of cables and bridges, and the wiring method, the air supply method of the air conditioner is divided into lower delivery, upper return, Top feed back, top feed side back, side feed side back.

Static pressure box air supply

The air conditioner in the computer room usually does not use pipes, but uses the space at the lower part of the raised floor or the upper part of the ceiling as the return air of the static pressure box. static pressure is equal.

The main components of the precision air conditioning system in the computer room, the controller, including the compressor, the evaporator, the heater, the air-cooled condenser, the controller, the humidification tank, the thermal expansion valve, the sight glass, the drying filter, the filter screen, etc.


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