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Application of Tube Fin Evaporator Condenser in Ice Machine Industry

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Application of Tube Fin Evaporator Condenser in Ice Machine Industry

The ice machine is a refrigeration system composed of four core components: a refrigeration compressor, a fin condenser, an expansion valve and a fin evaporator. Aquatic seafood, supermarket fresh-keeping, ice-making factory retail, cold-chain transportation, concrete cooling, pharmaceutical industry and other important fields all need ice-making machines to produce the required ice cubes.

As a manufacturer of the core components of air-conditioning refrigeration equipment, Vrcoolertech CST produces tube fin condensers and tube fin evaporators which are widely used in the field of ice making machines and become a high-quality supplier favored by ice making equipment manufacturers.

According to different ice making needs, ice making machines can be divided into tube ice machines, flake ice machines, ice block machines, square ice machines, fluid ice machines, marine ice machines, etc. According to the needs of different dosages, the ice maker can be customized with different production capacities, usually ranging from 0.3 tons to 20 tons per day.

According to different application requirements, evaporators and condensers need targeted treatment in terms of materials and processes. For example, in the fields of marine ice machines and seafood refrigeration, corrosion-resistant materials or surface anti-corrosion processes are required. Vrcoolertech usually has stainless steel tube sleeve stainless steel fins, copper tube sleeve copper fins, copper tube sleeve aluminum fins, if you choose aluminum fins, if you need anti-corrosion technology, generally choose epoxy resin aluminum foil fins.

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