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Application of Air-cooled dehumidifiers

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Climate control plays a crucial role in the production, storage and transportation of many products. Humidity is one of the key factors in climate control.

Vrcoolertech air-cooled dehumidifiers are cost-effective machines that help control moisture levels and remove odors and microorganisms from the air.

Industrial air-cooled dehumidifiers can also find their application in various industries, such as:

Food industry:

High humidity levels can lead to condensation and a variety of sanitation issues in products. Whether it's powdered foods, spices, processed meats, snack foods, confectionery products or breweries, consistent and controlled moisture conditions are required. Drying air with a dehumidifier helps control moisture levels, resulting in perfect coatings and longer food shelf life.

Pharmaceutical industry:

At the processing stage, most pharmaceuticals are in powder form and are highly hygroscopic. Excessive moisture absorption can lead to organic corrosion, biochemical reactions and microbial growth of the product. Dehumidifiers help maintain the humidity parameters needed to process, dry, store and transport pharmaceuticals.

Electronics and semiconductors:

Components used to assemble or process semiconductors are hygroscopic and highly sensitive to excess humidity. Excessive moisture can lead to PCB corrosion, transistor failure and condensation on integrated circuits. Relative humidity in semiconductor manufacturing areas must be 30% at 20 degrees Celsius. Industrial dehumidifiers also help protect vacuum and EPI equipment.

Leather industry:

Leather is a hygroscopic material; excess moisture can lead to the growth of mold and mildew on leather. Without proper humidity control, leather loses its luster, develops an unpleasant odor, loses strength and begins to decompose. Relative humidity above 40% can lead to the growth of microorganisms, which can cause the leather to decompose. Dehumidifiers help to provide controlled humidity conditions during the processing of leather products.

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