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All stainless steel steam coils for sludge drying equipment

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The current mainstream method is to dehydrate and dry the sludge (high moisture content) obtained after sewage treatment, and centrally dispose of the dried sludge, incineration or landfill.

The hard indicator of the disposal agency for the sludge is the moisture content. The sludge that does not meet the moisture content is prone to potential harm whether it is incinerated or landfilled. At the same time, reducing the moisture content is also important for enterprises to reduce the total amount of sludge and reduce disposal costs. Very important.

In the sludge drying process, it is mainly divided into mechanical pressing process and heating drying process.

The steam thermal drying process is suitable for sludge in most environments, which greatly improves the working efficiency of sludge drying.

Vrcooler provides all stainless steel steam coils for sludge drying equipment with the advantages of anti-corrosion and long service life.

Stainless Steel Heat Exchangers for Sludge Dryer


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