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Advantages and disadvantages of U-tube heat exchanger

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Introduction to the characteristics and advantages and disadvantages of U-tube heat exchanger

Characteristics of U-tube heat exchanger

The feature of this type of heat exchanger is that the tube bundle can be freely expanded and contracted, no thermal stress will be generated due to the temperature difference between the tube and shell, and the thermal compensation performance is good; the tube side is double tube side, the process is longer, the flow rate is higher, and the heat transfer performance is better. ; Strong pressure bearing capacity; the tube bundle can be pulled out from the shell, which is convenient for maintenance and cleaning, and the structure is simple and the cost is cheap. However, it is inconvenient to clean inside the tubes, and it is difficult to replace the tubes in the middle part of the tube bundle. Since the bending radius of the innermost tubes cannot be too small, the distribution of tubes in the center of the tube sheet is not compact, so the number of tubes cannot be too many, and there is a gap in the center of the tube bundle, so that The shell side fluid is easy to short circuit and affect the shell side heat transfer. In addition, in order to compensate for the thinning of the pipe wall after the bend, the straight pipe part needs to use a pipe with a thicker wall. This affects its use occasions, and it is only suitable for use in situations where there is a large temperature difference between the shell and shell, or the shell-side medium is easy to scale and the tube-side medium is clean and difficult to scale, high temperature, high pressure, and strong corrosion.

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Detailed Explanation of U-Tube Heat Exchanger—Advantages and Disadvantages of U-Tube Heat Exchanger

U tube Heat Exchanger Advantage:

1. The tube bundle can be pulled out to facilitate cleaning of the tube and shell side;

2. The temperature difference between media is not limited;

3. It can work under high temperature and high pressure, generally the temperature is less than or equal to 450 degrees, and the pressure is less than or equal to 6.4 MPa;

4. It can be used in occasions with serious scaling;

5. It can be used in occasions where the tube side is prone to corrosion.

U tube Heat Exchanger Disadvantages:

1. The small floating head is prone to internal leakage;

2. The consumption of metal materials is large, and the cost is 20% higher;

3. Complex structure.

Each tube of the U-shaped tube heat exchanger is bent into a U shape, and each tube can be freely expanded and contracted to solve the problem of thermal compensation. The rapid development of heat exchangers has brought convenience and comfort to people. Heat exchangers have a wide range of applications and occupy a very important position.

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