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Advantage of All Aluminum Tube Heat Exchanger

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With the rapid increase in copper prices, all-aluminum tube heat exchangers are replacing copper.

The following are the advantages of aluminum tube heat exchangers:

It is cheaper than copper

Lighter than copper


When using aluminum for tubes and fins, as opposed to a copper tube and aluminum fin solution, you will get a lighter heat exchanger. The all-aluminum system improves the current balance of the material, has better corrosion resistance and less heat transfer performance during use.

You can also use aluminum for greater design flexibility and easier recycling.

A more important point that is beneficial to aluminum tubes is its resistance to formic acid corrosion.

Formic acid corrosion only occurs in copper-based alloys. Aluminum is not affected by it. Therefore, replacing copper with aluminum has the dual benefit of reducing initial raw material costs and reducing warranty costs, because it is estimated that 10% of indoor heat exchangers fail prematurely due to ant corrosion.

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